Meet the Team



Founded by a group of former teammates who understand that sport can bring people together even in the toughest of times.





Board of Directors


Paul Faucette, Chair

Frederick Perowne, Co-Founder

Daniel Jacob, Co-Founder

Marc-Andre Fournier, Co-Founder

Matthew Robins

Jonathan Gautier, Co-Founder





Nicholas Duhamel

Mark McLean

Zachary Jackson









Yul Hennelly – Subotica, Serbia

Matthew Robins – Subotica, Serbia



Justin Rudick – Subotica, Serbia

Darcy Barkley – Subotica, Serbia

Karl Wittmer – Subotica, Serbia

Kevin Auerbach – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Angus Tasker – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Mark McLean – Subotica, Serbia

Jeff O’Neill – Subotica, Serbia

Zachary Jackson – Subotica, Serbia

Kevin Auerbach – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Matthew Salvati – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wylie Riendeau – Sofia, Bulgaria

Brett Anderson – Sofia, Bulgaria



Don Schroeder – Subotica, Serbia

Nolan Morris – Subotica, Serbia

Marc-Andre Nantais – Subotica, Serbia

Ian Andersen – Novi Sad, Serbia

Nicholas Duhamel – Novi Sad, Serbia

Adam Gardner – Sisak, Croatia

Neil Blunden – Sisak, Croatia





Craig Klinkhoff – Ankara, Turkey

Matthew Robins – Ankara, Turkey



Ken Covo – Sofia, Bulgaria

Andrew Burnett – Sofia, Bulgaria

Craig Klinkhoff – Sofia, Bulgaria

Matthew Robins – Sofia, Bulgaria



Matthew Robins – Budapest, Hungary

Craig Klinkhoff – Budapest, Hungary



Matthew Robins – Thessaloniki, Greece & Sofia, Bulgaria

Alexandre Dandenault – Thessaloniki, Greece

Frederick Perowne – Thessaloniki, Greece

Ian Andersen – Thessaloniki, Greece & Sofia, Bulgaria

Justin Rudick – Sofia, Bulgaria

Daniel Baslyk – Brumov Bylnice, Czech Republic

Casey Cook – Brumov Bylnice, Czech Republic


Advisory Board


Ron Perowne

Phil Ozga

Murray Cobb

"...wouldn't it be great if we could do something to give back and have others live an adventure like we had?"
 - Marc-André Fournier, Co-Founder