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About Us

Our Goals


Train & Develop Quality Coaches


Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for the Youth


Apply the Benefits of Hockey to Local and International Communities


Become a Resource for Coaching and Leadership

Who We Are

Founded in 2011 by former teammates, Hockey Without Borders is a registered non-profit organization who connects coaches with communities around the world.
Our Mission

To propel hockey forward by helping transform coaches into positive leaders and mentors, thereby impacting the overall health and growth of children through sport.

What We Offer

Supported by our unique leadership program, HWB partners up coaches in season-long placements, as well as hockey clinics, with grassroots hockey communities around the world.

The Outcome

HWB coaches experience intercultural learning which develops knowledge, communication techniques, and life skills that are integral to becoming a positive leader and finding their authentic coaching style. This healthy atmosphere promotes the overall health and growth of children and youth through sport.

Our Origins

Through ice hockey, I had a wild ride with new people and cultures. On that wild ride, in Novi Sad, Hockey Sans Frontières/Hockey Without Borders was born.

Picture one of those historic plazas and four Quebecers sipping coffee and counting our blessings that we were playing hockey in this beautiful and unique place in central
Europe. It was here in Novi Sad, Serbia where we came to play but also coach the youth program that Hockey Sans Frontières /Hockey Without Borders took shape.

Sitting out enjoying the day after a morning practice with the kids we asked ourselves: “How can we make someone else feel as good as we do right now?” We felt so good because we were living in a different culture, discovering new traditions, new religions, new ways of doing things, and learning a new language.

Someplace far away from home, in the middle of southeastern Europe, our anchor was the sub-community of ice hockey. Because we helped with the youth program, we got more involved with the families too. We were embraced and accepted by our new community.

My horizons broadened; No chance could I get by in a foreign Slavic language... In the one hockey season, I made life-long friends (locals and my fellow Quebecers), I learned new ways of communicating and I understood a little bit more what life and the hockey life could offer beyond the x’s and o’s.
Written by Jonathan Gautier


Meet Our Teammates

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Chair of The Board, Co-Founder


Board Member & Co- Founder


Executive Director, Board Member, Co-Founder


Board Member, Recruitment Lead, Community Relations Director

Action Commitee

David Lisbona : Equipment Lead
Ron Perowne : General Advisor

Dave manning - Programing

Sheldon Reasbach - Trips

Hockey Game
"If you look in the right places, the hockey community is one that can reach every corner of the earth. HSF is the catalyst that brings these communities and coaches together.  From high altitude deserts, small European villages and ice capped islands, i’ve been lucky enough to be part of this program over the years."

-Nicholas Zacoi

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Visit Our YouTube Channel to view some of our work, interviews, and get an idea of the experience we offer...

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